Order Now. This story is from August 3, The importance of maths in everyday life Aug 3,IST. Mathematics is a methodical application of matter. It is so said because the subject makes a man methodical or systematic. Mathematics makes our life orderly and prevents chaos. Certain qualities that are nurtured by mathematics are power of reasoning, creativity, abstract or spatial thinking, critical thinking, problem-solving ability and even effective communication skills.

Mathematics is the cradle of all creations, without which the world cannot move an inch. Be it a cook or a farmer, a carpenter or a mechanic, a shopkeeper or a doctor, an engineer or a scientist, a musician or a magician, everyone needs mathematics in their day-to-day life.

Even insects use mathematics in their everyday life for existence. Snails make their shells, spiders design their webs, and bees build hexagonal combs. A good curriculum of mathematics is helpful in effective teaching and learning of the subject.

Experience says learning mathematics can be made easier and enjoyable if our curriculum includes mathematical activities and games. Maths puzzles and riddles encourage and attract an alert and open-minded attitude among youngsters and help them develop clarity in their thinking. Emphasis should be laid on development of clear concept in mathematics in a child, right from the primary classes. If a teacher fails here, then the child will develop a phobia for the subject as he moves on to the higher classes.

For explaining a topic in mathematics, a teacher should take help of pictures, sketches, diagrams and models as far as possible. As it is believed that the process of learning is complete if our sense of hearing is accompanied by our sense of sight. The child should be appreciated for every correct attempt.

And the mistakes must be immediately corrected without any criticism. The greatest hurdle in the process of learning mathematics is lack of practice. Students should daily work out at least 10 problems from different areas in order to master the concept and develop speed and accuracy in solving a problem. Learning of multiplication-tables should be encouraged in the lower classes. Another very effective means of spreading the knowledge of mathematics among children is through peer-teaching.

Once a child has learned a concept from his teacher, the latter should ask him to explain the same to fellow students. Moreover, in the process all the children will be able to express their doubts on the topic and clear them through discussions in a group.

The present age is one of skill-development and innovations.

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The more mathematical we are in our approach, the more successful we will be. Mathematics offers rationality to our thoughts.

It is a tool in our hands to make our life simpler and easier. Let us realize and appreciate the beauty of the subject and embrace it with all our heart.

application of mathematics in real life pdf

It is a talent which should be compulsorily honed by all in every walk of life. Navbharat Times. Featured Today in Travel.It's often said that mathematics is useful in solving a very wide variety of practical problems.

As time goes on, more and more mathematics that is done, both in academia and in industry, is discrete. But what are the actual applications people talk about when they say discrete mathematics can be applied? What problems are being solved? This webpage attempts to address those questions.

There are short descriptions, with links to longer explanations, of examples of discrete mathematics as applied to our everyday lives and as used in important and interesting research and corporate applications. Computers run software and store files. The software and files are both stored as huge strings of 1s and 0s. Binary math is discrete mathematics. Networks are, at base, discrete structures.

The routers that run the internet are connected by long cables. People are connected to each other by social media "following" on Twitter"friending" on Facebooketc. The US highway system connects cities with roads.

Doing web searches in multiple languages at onceand returning a summary, uses linear algebra. Google Maps uses discrete mathematics to determine fastest driving routes and times.

There is a simpler version that works with small maps and technicalities involved in adapting to large maps. Scheduling problems like deciding which nurses should work which shifts, or which airline pilots should be flying which routes, or scheduling rooms for an event, or deciding timeslots for committee meetings, or which chemicals can be stored in which parts of a warehouseare solved either using graph coloring or using combinatorial optimizationboth parts of discrete mathematics.

One example is scheduling games for a professional sports league. Wiring a computer network using the least amount of cable is a minimum-weight spanning tree problem.

Encryption and decryption are part of cryptographywhich is part of discrete mathematics. For example, secure internet shopping uses public-key cryptography.

Area codes : How do we know when we need more area codes to cover the phone numbers in a region? This is a basic combinatorics problem. Designing password criteria is a counting problem: Is the space of passwords chosen large enough that a hacker can't break into accounts just by trying all the possibilities? How long do passwords need to be in order to resist such attacks?

Machine Job Scheduling : Scheduling tasks to be completed by a single machine uses graph theory. Scheduling tasks to be completed by a set of machines is a bin-packing problemwhich is part of discrete optimization. Google describes the issue for multiple types of jobs on multiple machines. Railway planning uses discrete math: deciding how to expand train rail lines, train timetable scheduling, and scheduling crews and equipment for train trips use both graph theory and linear algebra.

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Apportionment : In the U.But, maths is the universal language which is applied in almost every aspect of life. You read it right; basic mathematical concepts are followed all the time. You would be amazed to see the emerging of maths from unexpected situations. How much should I spend today?

Mathematics | Importance | Meaning | Uses in Daily Life | PDF

When I will be able to buy a new car? Should I save more? How will I be able to pay my EMIs? Such thoughts usually come in our minds. The simple answer to such type of question is maths.

We prepare budgets based on simple calculations with the help of simple mathematical concepts.

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Everything which is going around us is somehow related to maths only. You know what, maths is the basis of any construction work. A lot of calculations, preparations of budgets, setting targets, estimating the cost, etc. I should reduce some body fat! Will I be able to achieve my dream body ever?

application of mathematics in real life pdf

Will I be able to gain muscles? Here, the simple concept that is followed is maths. We set our routine according to our workout schedule, count the number of repetitions while exercising, etc. Interior designing seems to be a fun and interesting career but, do you know the exact reality? A lot of mathematical concepts, calculations, budgets, estimations, targets, etc. Interior designers plan the interiors based on area and volume calculations to calculate and estimate the proper layout of any room or building.

Such concepts form an important part of maths. Just like the interior designing, maths is also an essential concept of fashion designing. From taking measurements, estimating the quantity and quality of clothes, choosing the color theme, estimating the cost and profit, to produce cloth according to the needs and tastes of the customers, maths is followed at every stage.

The most obvious place where you would see the application of basic mathematical concepts is your neighborhood grocery store and supermarket.

Customers visit the stores, see such schemes, estimate the quantity to be bought, the weight, the price per unit, discount calculations, and finally the total price of the product and buy it. The calculations are done based on basic mathematical concepts. Thus, here also, maths forms an important part of our daily routine.

In your kitchen also, the maths is performed.I have a technical question. Take me to "Imagine Learning Support. We all use math in everyday applications whether we're aware of it or not. If you look hard enough, you'll see math emerge from some of the most unlikely places.

From playing games to playing music, math is vital to helping students fine tune their creativity and turn their dreams into reality. Variations of this question have echoed through the halls of math classrooms everywhere.

application of mathematics in real life pdf

However, the underlying skills developed in math classrooms resonate throughout a student's lifetime and often resurface to help solve various real-world or work-related problems--sometimes years down the line. Ask any contractor or construction worker--they'll tell you just how important math is when it comes to building anything. To create something of lasting value out of raw materials requires creativity, the right set of tools, and a broad range of mathematics.

Figuring the total amount of concrete needed for a slab; accurately measuring lengths, widths, and angles; and estimating project costs are just a few of the many cases in which math is necessary for real-life home improvement projects. Teacher Tip: Consider incorporating a small building project in the classroom--like a simple house out of cardboard boxes or a small wooden boat from a kit--to reteach math-related skills such as measuring, estimating, angles, and following instructions.

One of the more obvious places to find people using math in everyday life is at your neighborhood grocery store. Grocery shopping requires a broad range of math knowledge from multiplication to estimation and percentages. Each time you calculate the price per unit, weigh produce, figure percentage discounts, and estimate the final price, you're using math in your shopping experience. Teacher Tip 1: Encourage students to play math challenges at the grocery store with their family.

For example, they can estimate the total cost of all groceries prior to checkout. For a greater challenge, encourage students to incorporate coupons, sales, and adjusted pricing for bulk items. Teacher Tip 2: You could also organize a field trip to the grocery store--with the help of a few parents working with smaller student groups--making lists and pricing out items ahead of time, that your class can then use to cook with see below! More math can be found in the kitchen than anywhere else in the house.

Cooking and baking are sciences all their own and can be some of the most rewarding and delicious ways of introducing children to mathematics. Recipes are really just mathematical algorithms or self-contained, step-by-step sets of operations to be performed.

The proof is in the pudding! Working in the kitchen requires a wide range of mathematical knowledge, including but not limited to:. Following a recipe can sometimes be tricky, especially if conversions are necessary.Advanced mathematical techniques allow us to reconstruct 3-dimensional images for solid objects like your head. The internet consists of millions of conneted computers and devices. We need mathematics to navigate this network! Equations can help us predict how the outbreak of a new disease might spread over time, and evaluate different responses.

Whenever you send an email or use a credit card online, prime numbers help you keep your information safe. Engineers need mathematics to construct stable bridges that can withstand wind, as well as vibrations caused by driving or walking. Mathematical codes allow the waveforms of sounds and music to be converted into numbers that can be stored on digital devices.

Applications of Mathematics

How do you calculate the probability of winning games with cards or dice, or determine the best strategy? Every day millions of containers boxes letters and parcels are transported around the world. A logistical task impossible without mathematics.

Please enable JavaScript in your browser to access Mathigon. Applications of Mathematics Industry. Predicting the Weather Mathematics and supercomputers can help predict one of the most complex systems on planet Earth.

MRI and Tomography Advanced mathematical techniques allow us to reconstruct 3-dimensional images for solid objects like your head. Internet and Phones The internet consists of millions of conneted computers and devices. Epidemics Analysis Equations can help us predict how the outbreak of a new disease might spread over time, and evaluate different responses.

Maps of the Earth How can we represent the spherical surface of the Earth on a flat, 2-dimensional map? Public Key Cryptography Whenever you send an email or use a credit card online, prime numbers help you keep your information safe. Building Bridges Engineers need mathematics to construct stable bridges that can withstand wind, as well as vibrations caused by driving or walking.

Digital Music Mathematical codes allow the waveforms of sounds and music to be converted into numbers that can be stored on digital devices. Cosmology Can mathematics help us understand the origin and future of the universe? Gambling and Betting How do you calculate the probability of winning games with cards or dice, or determine the best strategy? Supply Chains Every day millions of containers boxes letters and parcels are transported around the world.

Construction How can we build skyscrapers that can withstand storms and even earthquakes?Mathematics forms a very integral part of our lives and its involvement in our lives is undeniable. It is an assortment of various studies and topics like quantity, structure, space, change and even much more. Mathematics is not limited to a particular mindset or thinking. Either way, you reach the correct answer.

Mathematics is also seen in nature but I would like to elaborate about it further later on. All the primary level, teaching of mathematics begins with simple counting. The tiny tots learn to count things on their fingertips. This becomes a start to their development of knowledge in mathematics.

As they grow up, they learn how to undertake operations on large numbers.

Algebra: Explained with Real Life Situations and Examples

The first practical aspect they get to experience is measuring lines and purchasing some small snacks or refreshments. They learn the nature of number imprinted in the note. As they grow up, they learn various concepts related to time, speed, distance, money and many other things. Mathematics is a science based on assumptions and derivations.

They learn how to desire concepts and use the assumptions to their advantage. Mathematics is the life to all practical subjects, be it concerning commerce, science, mathematics, economics and what not.

Accountancy is more or less a play of numbers only. Listed below are few points describing its importance. Symmetry — thank god for symmetry else this Earth would have been a disintegrated place. Butterflies, flowers, human body, orange, starfish are only some examples I can quote for their symmetrical nature.

For e. But the most important of all is the fascinating Fibonacci series. If a series of squares with lengths equal to the Fibonacci numbers is constructed, and a diagonal drawn though them a Fibonacci spiral is formed. It can be seen in the chambers of a nautilus shell.

Geometry — geometry is essentially an extended study of shapes and their properties.

Practical Applications of Mathematics in Everyday Life

Spiders design webs unique to their own senses. Mathematics in architecture mathematics is the science behind the art of architecture. Without mathematics, architecture has no existence of its own. It plays an integral role in giving the buildings a symmetry.To browse Academia. Skip to main content.

Log In Sign Up. Application of Mathematics in Real Life Business Application of Mathematics in Real Life Business. Sub: Submission of the Report. Dear Sir, With due respect, we would like to inform you that, we are the student of Department of Finance.

We therefore pray and hope that you would be kind enough to accept this report and bless us heartily. Sincerely yours Group-6 B.

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We express our cordial sense of appreciation, thanks, authentic gratitude and profound regards to our honorable supervisor Kawser Ahmed Shiblu, Lecturer, Department of Finance, Jagannath University, Dhaka for his scholastic direction, pleasant support, constant encouragement, precious guidance, overall management and continuous importance throughout the thesis work. These courses are slightly less difficult and do not always going to the same depth as other mathematics courses for people majoring in mathematics or science fields.

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The two most common math courses taken in this form are Business Calculus and Business Statistics. Examples used for problems in these courses are usually real-life problems from the business world. An example of the differences in course work from a business mathematics course and a regular mathematics course would be calculus.

In a regular calculus course, students would study trigonometric functions.

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Business calculus would not study trigonometric functions because it would be time-consuming and useless to most business students, except perhaps economics majors. Economics majors who plan to continue economics in graduate school are strongly encouraged to take regular calculus instead of business calculus, as well as linear algebra and other advanced math courses. Acknowledgement 5 Executive Summary 6 1. Overseeing the finances of your company is key to survival and success.

Understanding basic business math is necessary for profitable operations and accurate record keeping. Knowing how to add, subtract, multiply, divide, round and use percentages and fractions is the minimum you need to price your product and meet your budget. If math is not your strength, partner with someone who can take over that role or hire a trusted employee to help your operation stay in the black and grow responsibly.

Considering the dead line, the scope and exposure of the paper has been wide- ranging. Business organizations use mathematics in accounting, inventory management, marketing, sales forecasting, and financial analysis. Mathematics typically used in commerce includes elementary arithmetic, elementary algebra, statistics and probability. Business management can be made more effective in some cases by use of more advanced mathematics such as calculus, matrix algebra and linear programming; see operations research.

Calculus is a part of modern mathematics education. A course in calculus is a gateway to other, more advanced courses in mathematics devoted to the study of functions and limits, broadly called mathematical analysis.

It has two major branches. The process of finding the derivative is called differentiation. Given a function and a point in the domain, the derivative at that point is a way of encoding the small-scale behavior of the function near that point. By finding the derivative of a function at every point in its domain, it is possible to produce a new function, called the derivative function or just the derivative of the original function. The process of finding the value of an integral is called integration.

In technical language, integral calculus studies two related linear operators.

application of mathematics in real life pdf

The indefinite integral is the anti derivative, the inverse operation to the derivative. F is an indefinite integral of f when f is a derivative of F.